Frequently Asked Questions

What materials can be shredded using your on-site shredding service?

We can shred most office materials including paper, staples, paper clips, some metal, and thin cardboard. Any plastic (page protectors, x-rays etc.) needs to be separated out. We can shred plastic, but we must take it separately. Please call us with any questions.

Do my documents need to be in boxes?

No, we can shred your documents from bags, bins, piles, file cabinets etc.

Is there an extra charge for fuel, mileage, or moving my files from the basement?

No, our quoted price is all inclusive.

What can be shredded with your Hard Drive shredding service?

We can shred hard drives, laptops, phones, thumb drives and more. Give us a call with any questions.

You are shredding my hard drives, but what about the computers and equipment I have?

Call our office, we can arrange to recycle your old equipment when we come out to shred your hard drives.

I'm a Quarterly scheduled customer, but my container is full early. What should I do?

Give us a call at 883-4700 and we will add you into the schedule. Your scheduled service will be reset from the new date.

I have your equipment. How do the combination locks work?

All of our locks have 3-number combinations...

  • turn right to the 1st number
  • turn left to the 2nd number (being sure to pass by the 1st number once)
  • turn right and immediately stop at the 3rd number (do not pass 2nd number)
  • if you have a console, arriving at the 3rd number is similar to a key going in: continue to turn the knob a bit more to the right and pull to open

How does billing work?

For our one time shred and residential customers, payment is requested at the time of service. For our regularly scheduled customers, we will mail an invoice once your scheduled service has been processed. These invoices are due upon receipt.