Why Shred?

Shredding your confidential documents and hard drives is the best way to protect yourself and your clients from identity theft. Our services will keep your confidential information from falling into the wrong hands. Utilizing trucks with shredding machines mounted directly to the truck bed, your confidential documents and hard drives will be securely destroyed before our trucks leave your location. Protect your clients, protect yourself.  Learn more below:

Identity Theft

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States. Businesses are entrusted with all types of confidential information, and each business needs to do their part to prevent identity theft by safeguarding this information.

Destroy your confidential documents in order to protect your employees, your clients or patients and yourself. Documents containing names, addresses, Social Security numbers, credit card and bank account numbers, etc. should be shredded when they are no longer needed.

Internal Security

Your internal personnel should not be responsible for document destruction.

Clearly, payroll data, personnel records, and materials that involve labor relations or legal affairs should not be entrusted to entry level employees for destruction. Potential dangers also arise when rank-and-file workers are asked to destroy competition-sensitive data.

Destruction of classified information is best left to a carefully selected, professional document destruction company.

Cost Effectiveness

Out-sourced shredding is more cost effective than in-house shredding.

It is very expensive to have your own employees shred paper with portable office shredders. If your people are shredding for as little as a combined two hours PER MONTH, it is likely that hiring a professional document destruction company will be a less expensive alternative.

If you are shredding less than two hours per month, you may want to consider storing the paper and having the paper shredded once per year by a professional document destruction company.

 You save money by using a professional document shredding company because:

  • You don't have to pay your employees to shred the paper
  • You don't have to purchase and maintain your own shredding equipment
  • You don't have to remove paper clips and staples
  • You don't have to clean up the dust from shredding
  • You don't have to pay for the cost of disposal of the paper

Corporate Security

Your information—in the form of business plans, product designs, account lists, business proposals, blueprints, and drawings—is the foundation of your company. Discarded information that makes its way into wastebaskets, garbage cans, and dumpsters is the single most available source of competitive and private data about your company. It’s this information that has all the makings of corporate espionage.

 When it comes to stealing corporate secrets by retrieving documents from trash cans and dumpsters:

  • The law is firmly on the side of the “bad guys.”
  • Courts have consistently ruled that by discarding data into the trash, you have indicated that it is of no value to you
  • The taking of this “useless information,” no matter what the intent, is protected by the law.

 Shredding discarded material will render it unreadable—hence, useless—to those attempting to capitalize on your information.

  • Customer Account Lists
  • Business Plans
  • Plans for New Products
  • Financial Statements
  • Payroll Data
  • Cancelled checks
  • more...


Privacy protection is a matter of law. Each of us is required by federal law—and increasingly by state and local mandates—to protect certain types of information. Secure, on-site document destruction allows you to be compliant with these laws.

At the federal level, four important laws or regulations require specific safeguards to ensure confidentiality.

 All four areas provide for stiff penalties for companies found to be in violation